Quality Assurance


Currently FSP produces and delivers 7,000 meals a day in refrigerated trucks to hospitals and long term care facilities out of one kitchen in South San Francisco; 18,000 meals a day out of its central commissary in Brooklyn, NY; 5,000 meals a day out of its central commissary in Roanoke, VA.

Several different diets and menus are in production to meet all nutritional needs and taste preferences. A choice is offered each day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The systems we design have checks and balances in place to assure that customers get the meals they order on time, every time.

FoodService Partners is committed to tailoring a food production and delivery program that meets each customer's goals and expectations.

FoodService Partners' reputation for quality is the result our dedication to quality assurance throughout the production and delivery process.

Our quality assurance plan includes close coordination with customer's RD and dietary team at each hospital and retail site:

  • Corporate RD on staff

  • Daily Control Checks

  • Compliance with Recipes and Specifications

  • Taste Tests

  • No Substitutions Policy

  • Truck Breakdown Policy

  • Truck Temperature Checks

  • Medical Center Temperature Checks

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys

  • Compliance with:

    • JCAHO

    • HACCP

    • FDA Regulations

    • USPHS Food Code Standards

Why Choose Us?

After a recent FDA inspection, the California kitchen received a rating of 100%.

FSP's Virginia kitchen was audited by AIB International and received a rating of "Excellent".