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FoodService Partners is a privately owned company created to provide meal production and delivery service to hospitals, skilled nursing homes and long-term care facilities.

FSP gets green light to build a modern, state of the art culinary center in Georgia.

USDA providing $10 Million loan to support the project.

FoodService Partners kitchen
FoodService Partners kitchen

The owners and managing partners of FSP, Angelo Bizzarro and Bob Dunn were part of the senior management team of Caterair International, formerly Marriott In-Flite, which operated 117 kitchens producing 400,000 meals a day with 20,000 employees on five continents. The operating system they developed and manage is the production arm of one of the most cost-effective, quality driven patient feeding systems in the healthcare industry. They currently have commissaries in Virginia, California and New York with operations in Maryland and Delaware producing delicious, nutritious meals and meal components for customers across the country.

FSP's belief that healthy eating and a healthy planet are essential ingredients in a healthy life led to exciting new ventures. One in Georgia, and another in California in partnership with My-Cultiver. Click on the page at left and the logo below to learn more.

FSP Georgia