How your product gets to market.




FSP is diverse in its procurement approach. Our goal is to meet the needs of our clients. Whether the goal is sustainably grown, locally sourced, direct from the farmer, price sensitivity, premium ingredients, etc., FSP goes the extra mile to meet the needs of our clients and their clients. This approach is not only for raw ingredients but also packaging oven safe, microwavable, recyclable, durability, freezer safe, HPP safe, etc. We are here to listen and make “your” products “your” products.


At FSP, we take our inbound storage as of vital importance. Temperature control, cross contamination points, and weight verification are all critical to providing the safest, freshest, cost effective results for all our clients. Special consideration is given to ensure appliance to all FSMA rules and regulations and keeping the health of our products number one. 




FSP prides itself on meeting the needs of our customers. Our goal is to make you and your Company shine. FSP aims to help bring your product into production at volume without jeopardizing the quality or integrity of your products/Brand. Our capabilities are diverse and broad in spectrum always to deliver the best products possible. Whether your needs are cold prep, hot prep, cooking, chilling and or freezing, FSP can tackle a wide range of abilities under our umbrella.  


FoodService Partners’ reputation for quality is the result of our dedication to quality assurance throughout the production and delivery process. Our quality assurance plan includes close coordination with customer’s menu and dietary team. 

Registered Dietitian on Staff  

Daily Control Checks

Compliance with recipes and specifications 

Taste tests

No substitutions policy

Truck breakdown policy

Truck temperature checks

Customer satisfaction surveys 

Compliance with Joint Commission

SQF Certification


FDA Regulations

Serve Safe



Code Standards 

Quality Assurance



FSP understands the need for precise packaging. From accurate and consistent portioning, which impacts nutritional and caloric content, it also affects profitability. Additionally, FSP has great interest in helping our clients find the best packaging to portray the Brand and product in its best light. We take this interest all the way through labeling, casing, and palletizing. Packaging is the first impression, and FSP helps our clients leave a lasting impression.


All storage is not created equal. Depending on the product, we know that each SKU has a specific need and an optimal method of storage. Whether that means dry storage, cold storage, frozen storage, Just In Time, Food Banking, Emergency Food Pairing, or other, we will determine the need during our vetting process. 




FSP will ascertain the optimal distribution model for every part of the production process. From vendor/farmer logistics to client pickup to ship direct to consumer, we are involved in every part of the process. We're protecting your product from infancy to delivery through:


Satellite Temperature Monitoring

Temperature Controlled Vehicles

GPS Tracking

Route Verification Software

Online Delivery Tracking and Verification

Optimal Environmental Impact Reduction Distribution

Pallet and Lot Tracking

Dock and Lift gates

Product Guaranteed Integrity